Mindfulness for organisations

Tailor-made programs to introduce Mindfulness in organisations

Talks, conferences, workshops and programs in a format and duration adapted to the each client conditions.

A commitment to a well-being and conscious leadership

More and more organisations are implementing mindfulness, whether in their corporate wellness or for the development of mindful leadership.

"According to the European Union, work-related stress and its physical and emotional effects are the second most common reason for sick leave".

Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Starbucks, eBay, KPMG, Mango, Nestlé, La Caixa, Repsol, Endesa, San Miguel and Cinesa, among many others, have applied mindfulness with clear and measurable results.

"Mindfulness helps improve performance, collaboration, leadership and personal well-being".

Benefits / Why implement Mindfulness programs in organisations?

The main purpose of mindfulness in organisations is to improve well-being, personal effectiveness and leadership. The aim is to train complete attention (mindfulness) in order to promote greater mental clarity, focus on what is important, improve personal relationships, conscious decision making, stress management and well-being.

Programs for all staff

Mindfulness programs mindfulness help people to bring out the best in themselves and develop Emotional Intelligence skills to thrive in their organisations.

"Thanks to Mindfulness, people acquire healthier and more effective habits and behaviours, resulting in greater organisational effectiveness and well-being"

Research shows that developing Mindfulness can facilitate powerful changes in individuals that result in major benefits for organisations, including:

  • Reducing stress, el “burn out" and absenteeism
  • Improving efficiency and decision-making
  • Improving communication, increased empathy and team work
  • Greater creativity, flexibility and adaptability to change

"According to Daniel Goleman, a world authority on Emotional Intelligence, the development of Emotional Intelligence is based on increased self-awareness, which can be achieved through the practice of Mindfulness"

Mindfulness programs for leaders

Conscious leadership is encouraged, a way to live and lead with excellence. Mindful leaders are fully present and focused, cultivating clarity, creativity and compassion in their relationships. In mindfulness programs for leaders, Emocional Intelligence  is developed and progress is made in areas such as:

  • Improved decision making, through greater clarity of mind, more even-handed and impartial attention.
  • Improved confidence and empathy, thanks to a greater ability to connect with others.
  • Improvements in productivity as a result of increased attention and concentration.
  • More creativity and capacity for innovation, resulting from a more open and less judgemental attitude to events and difficulties.

"Conscious leadership is about giving your full attention to what you are doing at any given moment".

"With the conscious leadership programs, you will discover a way to live and lead with excellence".

"Conscious leaders are fully present and focused, cultivating clarity, creativity and compassion in their relationships".

The programs are a powerful and transformative learning experience, have an experiential and interactive format and are based, as appropriate, on the MBSR(Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) or Search Inside Yourself program , as well as on neuro-linguistic programming (NPL),  o lor positive psychology.  

1. Would you like your team to...

...manage stressful moments and conflict situations appropriately?

...be more efficient in his work and make fewer mistakes?

...communicate better and build better relationships?

...more flexible and adaptable to change?

...make better decisions?

...be more motivated and committed?

...be more creative and productive?

...acquire healthier habits and feel happier?


2. In addition, as a leader, would you like to...

...have more calm, balance and clarity of mind?

...focus on what's important?

...define better your objectives?

...be more aware of your activities and decisions?

And ultimately, lead more consciously and effectively?

If you have answered yes, the Mindfulness services I offer below can interest you. mindfulness que te ofrezco a continuación te interesan.

Services / Formats

I develop tailor-made programs, both on-site and online, to introduce and develop mindfulness in organisations.

The format and duration are adapted to the needs and characteristics of each client.

  • Introductory talks and lectures on mindfulness
  • Workshops (1/2 day)
  • Intensive programs (1 and 2 days)
  • Extensive programs (of variable duration)
  • Mindfulness Coaching & Mentoring (individual) mindfulness (individual)


Sample programs:

  • Programa MBSR(mindfulness-based stress reduction) Weekly (8 weeks; 2.5 hours/week). More info here.
  • Bi-weeklymindfulness program (4 fortnights; 4 hours/fortnight)
  • Mindfullness Initiation program (4 weeks; 2 hours/week)
  • Mindfulness at Work (Intensive 1 day; Intensive ½ day)


Who is it aimed at?

  • Managers:Mindfulness contributes to management development at all levels of the organisation. It develops self-awareness and more conscious leadership.
  • Teams: allows for improved communication, connection and the ability to deal with team challenges
  • Employees: increases well-being, reduces absenteeism and contributes to their personal and professional development.

"Make your team more engaged, healthier, happier, more efficient, more productive and more loyal"

"More effective, healthy and happy people make for more effective, healthy, happy and... profitable organisations" (win-win)