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Human-centered skills for leaders & teams

My mission is helping to improve the well-being, performance, collaboration and leadership of your organisation’s teams and employees by developing human-centred skills

I base my work on Mindfullness and Emotional Intelligence, offering you Training, Consultancy and Coaching services.


Investing in human-centred skills development

World Economic Forum Report

Top 10 Skills

  • Analytical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • AI and Big Data
  • Leadership and Social Influence
  • Resilience, flexibility and agility
  • Curiosity and continuous learning
  • Technological Knowledge
  • Design and user experience
  • Motivation and self-awareness
  • Empathy and active listening

Microsoft Work Trend Index

The 3 main skills

  • Analytical judgement (30%)
  • Flexibility (29%)
  • Emotional Intelligence (27%)
The Microsoft Work Trend Index (2023) surveyed 31,000 individuals in 31 countries to understand which skills will be most essential to learn in order to evolve with the future of work. Emotional intelligence appeared in the top three.
The World Economic Forum (2023) surveyed 803 companies in 27 industries. to learn the skills that will be most needed in the coming years. to learn the skills that will be more necessary in the coming years.


Search Inside Yourself

Adaptive Resilience

Effective teams

Mindfulness for organisations


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Conf & Workshops

My approach

Experiencia de 25 años de carrera corporativa + 10 años de coaching & Training en mindfulness y habilidades sociales y emocionales

Intervenciones basadas en Neurociencia, mindfulness, Inteligencia Emocional, psicología positiva, pnl y liderazgo.

Certificado en dos referentes internacionales de la inteligencia emocional y el Mindfulness: Search Inside Yourself  y MBSR

Program-based transformational solutions:




Immediately applicable

Human- centered leadership approach

Based on scientific evidence

Probados con el respaldo de SIY Global

With my programs I help you to:

Increase commitment and
employee retention.

a culture of well-being.

staff resilience.

(self) leadership.

Helping employees
manage stress.


psychological safety.

inclusiveness and relevance.

the performance of teams and employees.

the prosperity of your organisation.

My approach

25 years of corporate career experience + 10 years of Coaching & training in Mindfulness, social and emotional skills.

The interventions are based on Neuroscience, Mindfulness,
, Emotional Intelligence, Positive psychology, NLP and leadership.

Certified in two international benchmarks of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness: Search Inside Yourself born and tested in GOOGLE and MBSR. The most scientifically studied Mindfulness programme in the world.

Program-based transformational solutions:




Immediately applicable

Human- centered leadership approach

Based on scientific evidence


With the experience of SIY Global

I listen to your challenges and propose you the best solution /service.

The success of my interventions

The success of my interventions life commitment and personal practice of mindfulnessmy competences on mindfulness, coachingmy background in business management and administration and my experience in the fields of my professional experience as a trainer, consultant and manager for over 25 years.

The programs and interventions are a powerful and transformative learning experience, and have an experiential and interactive format.

My memberships/certifications

Some customers

(*)Organizations with which I have collaborated in recent years, either directly or through third parties.

I listen to your challenges and propose the best SIY Global solution /service.