Search Inside Yourself

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) - A (self) leadership program that will surprise you.

Originally developed and tested at Google in 2007, SIY teaches very practical Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership skills to develop your full potential at work and in life.

More than 100,000 people from over 50 countries have already participated in the program.

Participants acquire and develop key and very practical skills for performance improvement, collaboration and leadership. Skills such as focus, emotional and stress management, motivation, resilience and empathy.

The program fosters employee engagement and enables the development of a culture based on collaboration, well-being and resilience.
It also works as a great team builder!

Program Overview

Search Inside Yourself program takes an evidence-based approach, combining Neuroscience, Mindfulness training and Emotional Intelligence. The program provides very practical tools, which are immediately applicable in life and work. It starts with a foundation of Mindfulness and, from there, builds on the key areas of Emotional Intelligence that lead to greater well-being, sustained performance, collaboration and outstanding leadership.

Program structure

SIY is much more than a training program. It is a "journey" to acquire new habits

It starts with live training (on-site or online) followed by a four-week online "journey" ("28-day challenge") to consolidate new habits. It ends with a webinar of a couple of hours in which we reconnect, review what we have learned, share tips and establish a plan to continue.

The program is practical, transformative and highly interactive, with 1/3 lectures and 2/3 practicals, including highly experiential exercises, both individual and in pairs, trios and groups. 

Live training (14-16hours)Live sessions in person or online

Virtual practice (28 days)Exercise/practice/rec. Sent daily by email

Final webinar (1-2 hours)
Reconnect with the group to review and plan for the future
Rec platform (for life)
Access to virtual materials that have been used during all the entire program

Who is the Search Inside Yourself program for?

The program can be adapted depending on the variety of their participants: Leaders and Managers; Employees and Teams.

We work with organisations of all sizes and sectors. Organisations choose the Search Inside Yourself program because of its highly practical and scientifically proven methods for improving personal and organisational well-being, performance, resilience, engagement, collaboration and leadership.

Thousands of executives and professionals from a wide range of sectors have participated in the SIY program. 

Organisations such as SAP, Deloitte, Hyatt and many more have already brought the program to their employees.

Benefits of the SIY program

The Search Inside Yourself program has been described as a potentially "life-changing" program. It enables profound transformations through very practical and accessible content.

The tools, practices, resources and exercises you will learn in the SIY program will help you bring out the best of yourself, in particular:

  • Better manage stress and experience greater overall well-being
  • Increase focus and attention, improving your performance
  • Develop greater resilience and emotional regulation to face your challenges
  • Being more empathetic, connecting and communicating more effectively
  • Developing greater self-awareness and motivation
  • Enhancing your skills to lead more effectively

Feedback from +10,000 participants from +20 countries has shown very strong and positive results:


Found an improved ability to reduce stress after the program (compared to 44% before the training).


Reported that they were able to recover (more resilient) from an emotionally challenging situation (compared to 43% before the program).


They felt a greater ability to focus and return to the moment when they were distracted (compared to 48% before the program).


After taking the program over 100,000 people worldwide, we are proud that 97% of participants would recommend our program.

If you want to know more, download or take a look at the new SIY Impact Report by SIY Global  2022

The Search Inside Yourself Program is recognised by the International Coach Federation.
Coaches earn 13.5 Continuing Coaching Education credits by attending the program!

Available formats

If you are interested in bringing the SIY program to your organisation, we will work to determine the format that best suits your objectives.

On-site and online

The program can be delivered both on-site and online. The standard, and most recommended, on-site format takes place over two consecutive days.
It can also take place on two alternate days, in three or four half-day sessions or, exceptionally, in 6 sessions of 2.5-3 hours.

Reduced versions

There is also the possibility to run a shorter -day version of the SIY program, ½-day introductory programs and 2-hour introductory lectures, ideal to convince you, to get a clearer idea of the program or as part of a larger lecture program.