Life coaching

I use life coaching to accompany people in their personal and professional life development, as complete beings, in their search for greater clarity, self-confidence, security, fulfilment... to feel more satisfied, healthier and happier.

Develop your full potential

Aimed at the global sphere of the person. The person as a whole: academic, professional, work, family and relational spheres.

With life coachingclients develop their full potential (the best version of themselves), overcome limitations, enhance resources, acquire and improve skills, manage emotions, make profound changes and achieve greater well-being.

The life coaching will enable you to see things from a different perspective and make the best decisions that you are willing to take responsibly.


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Nombre de sessions

The number of sessions will be defined after the first meeting, as this may vary depending on the initial demand/target.

However, Coaching processes, unlike therapy, are usually short, with the average number of sessions being between 6 and 12.

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