With Coaching I put myself at the service of individuals, teams and organisations on their way to achieving any challenge they set themselves, to be more effective, healthier and happier.

There are many schools and lines of Coaching. I am trained in NLP Coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Generative Coaching. In addition, I draw on other areas of my experience and training which I take into account depending on the situation.

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, my long business experience and the extraordinary teachings I have learned from trekking in the mountains are always present. 

My style and vision of Coaching

With Coaching I establish a "contract" where both parties put the best of ourselves, recognise each other as equals and grow together.

My Coaching is calm, respectful, intuitive and also, at times, confrontational, challenging and directive. I also intersperse it with mentoring, bringing my experience to you, and when I do, I tell you about it, in case it helps.
I listen to what you tell me and, above all, to what you don't tell me, providing spaces for you to "see yourself", to recognise yourself, to clarify your objectives, to realise what you want and what you don't want, and, above all, to discover and put the best of yourself into action so that you can advance towards where you want to go.

Areas where I apply Coaching

Executive & Team Coaching

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Executive & Team Coaching is a service that facilitates the learning and development of employees, executives, managers and teams.
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Life coaching

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I use Life Coaching to accompany people in their personal and professional life development, as complete beings, in their search for greater clarity, self-confidence, security, fulfilment... To feel more satisfied, healthier and happier.
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