About me

Founder of joanserracabado.com - Well-being and conscious leadership
More humane organisations!

After a long professional career as a manager, consultant and trainer, since 2015 I have contributed to Wellbeing, Effectiveness, Collaboration and outstanding (self) Leadership in Organisations, through Coaching and very practical, accessible and transformative trainings (aimed at leaders, teams and workers in general).

In recent years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with organizations such as Oxfam Intermón, Ideo, Voxel Group, Fundación Adecco, Arpol, Cofidis, Cafosa, Bergé, Agbar, Maxxium, RACC, BSH, Catalana de Occidente, Seat, MTG, Wolters Kluwer, Puig, Danone, Metalogenia, Esade Alumni…

My highlights

I offer the internationally recognized and contrasted programs "Search Inside Yourself (SIY Global) program, developed by GOOGLE, and Mindfulness-MBSR (Mindfulnes-based Stress Reduction) developed by Jon-Kabat Zinn, as well as other Coaching & Training services. Coaching & Training.

In my professional history, I would like to highlight my time as CEO of Consultur (later Cegos-Consultur),the pioneering tourism consultancy in Spain, and the decade as an academic collaborator at the prestigious Esade Business School.

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Economist at the UB 

10 years as a

Master's Degree in Marketing and Business Administration
(Senior Business Management) by ESADE
GMP (General Management Program) by IESE Business School

10 years as a
Managing Director

MBA by La Salle Business School
Msc in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
by the University of Leeds (UK)

10 years as a Business School Academic Contributor
Complete training
on NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) by the Institut Gestalt
Generative Coach
by the International Association for Generative Coaching.
. Coaching & Training services since 2015
NLP Coach
accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation)
Midfulness-MBSR Instructor
(Mindfulness-based stress reduction) accredited by the Mindfulness Institute and the IMTA (International Mindfulness Teachers Association).
The Foundations of Hapiness at work
GSC University of California, Berkeley

joanserracabado.com –Well-being and Conscious Leadership
since 2028

Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher
(Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute-SIY Global)

My passion and my dream

Experience has shown me that Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence help us to lead ourselves, as an essential first step to better lead the organisations we are part of. In short, it is about learning to:

"Leading(us) to Lead".

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence help us to unleash our full human and professional potential, contributing to personal and organisational well-being, effectiveness, collaboration and prosperity.

That is why, for the last few years, I have been devoting all my time, energy, passion, knowledge and experience to making this possible.

Mission / Passion
Expanding well-being and conscious leadership in organisations through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

Vision / Dream

Organisations + human = Organisations + thriving.

Something more personal

If you want to know me a little more...

I am in love with music, conscious dance, reading and the cinema.

And above all...

I am passionate about sport and high mountain trekking, a sport that I have been actively practicing all over the world and always provides me with countless lessons for my personal and professional day to day.

I'll tell you a little bit more...

I have been trekking intensively since 2007 in some of the world's biggest and most wonderful mountains, such as the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Himalayas, New Zealand, the Highlands...... These are long, hard, multi-day treks, carrying everything necessary to survive in an autonomous way.

I have learned the value of effort and demand, to live with extreme situations and enjoy it, to know that you can achieve much more than you imagine, since the important thing is the journey, to know my mental and physical limits (much further than I imagined), to be flexible, to enjoy the sunrises, the clouds, the fog, the sun, the rain, the smells, the beauty of the plants, the landscapes... to live/subsist with the minimum and essential, to respect nature, not to challenge it and, above all, to value what you are above what you have. Learnings that never cease to inspire my personal and professional day-to-day life.

I am also...

Meditator and vegetarian

In 2014 I came into contact with Vipassana meditation in a 10-day silent retreat. It was 10 hours of meditation a day and "nothing else" . That's when I became a vegetarian. Since then I have not stopped meditating and I have been on a few silent retreats. The meditation I practice, and teach, is the "other gym", that of the mind, and it helps us to be better people and better professionals.

Some beliefs

"Convinced that there is a different way of doing business and managing organisations through conscious leadership that considers ethics, people and their well-being as allies of organisational objectives. A way in which everyone, people, organisations and their environment come out stronger".

"Convinced of the ability of people to achieve challenges beyond their wildest dreams".

And, finally, I'll tell you why...

The Koru is my symbol

What does it mean?

The Koru is a Maori cultural symbol of New Zealand native people.
It represents the development of a new life, but also the need for effort to achieve growth and perfection. It is a symbol of beginnings and renewal. The Koru represents growth and vitality.

It is a reminder that all things live, die, and reborn. And that life goes on and on. The Maori Koru is similar to the Celtic spiral and both of them have a similar meaning, evoking personal growth, evolution, the awakening of consciousness, and the birth of new life.

Why is it my symbol?

I discovered it in 2007 in New Zealand. Since then, I've carried it with me around the world (literally, on my neck).

It always reminds me, that I can always start again, renew myself, evolve.... And, above all, it reminds me that we all have the opportunity to "wake up" and be "reborn" continuously. So organisations do.

 It unites a Celtic country where my maternal grandparents came from (Galicia), another Celtic country where my life "changed" (Ireland) and the Maori culture country where I started trekking 1000 km in three months (New Zealand).