Effective teams

Teamwork Training

Practical skills to develop a team culture based on trust, psychological safety, belonging and inclusion, which facilitates better performance and collaboration.

Boosting Team Performance through Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Behavioural Research

Based on neuroscience, mindfulness and Behavioural Research, this interactive program brings practical interpersonal skills based on Mindfulness training, growth mindsets and collaborative behaviours to enhance key aspects of optimal team performance. This course will help you and your team to:

Deepen self-awareness and learn how our thoughts and behaviours impact the team

Broaden awareness of self and others, emphasising the promotion of inclusion and belonging

Develop effective and non-reactive communication skills.

Generate a culture of trust and psychological safety.

Cultivate a pro-social mindset of humility and curiosity.

Promote interactions that generate common learning.

Optimise commitment, agility and efficiency.

A practical, experiential and highly interactive program that presents tools that can be applied immediately in teams and organisations.


Current research from behavioural science, neuroscience and business research shows that when it comes to optimal team performance, what really matters has less to do with who is on the team and more to do with how the team works together.. Specifically, individuals and teams work better in an environment where they feel:

  • Including
  • Sure when they learn something new
  • Comfortable making contributions
  • Able to challenge the status quo

Program structure

We offer a 4-hour interactive program as a live experience in two modalities: online and on-site. The program is focused on four essential aspects of team dynamics:

The ability of team members to actively cultivate social and working connections with each other.

A set of behaviours that enable each team member to feel valued and supported by the other team members and the team leader(s).

The extent to which team members model trustworthiness, credibility and connectedness to each other.

Psychological Safety.
La creencia entre los miembros del equipo de que tomar riesgos y desafiar el statu quo es segura, aceptable e incluso alentada.