Executive & Team Coaching

To enhance the learning, development and well-being of employees and teams.

Executive & Team Coaching is a service that facilitates the learning, development and well-being of employees, executives, managers and teams.

Discover the potential of Executive & Team Coaching, a powerful tool for personal/professional growth and organisational strengthening.

A service that benefits both the individual and the organisation

From an organisational perspective

It allows employees to learn more effectively, facilitates the generation of new habits and behaviours, overcome limitations and act more effectively as an individual, as a member or leader of a team.

As a coach I emphasise both the task and the relationships and focus on the solution rather than the problems.

From the client's point of view (individual or group)

As a coach I position myself as a ally which seeks to promote both personal and professional development of the person. I encourage self-knowledge, emotional management, the search for new questions and answers and, above all, the creative generation of new approaches, ways of thinking and acting, always looking to the future from the present.

And in teams the main difference is that coaching is focused on the relationship The company's members, which requires a more global rather than an individualized view of the situation. And in this case, I help in the definition of its purpose, establishment of rules of the game, alignment around the objectives, improvement of interpersonal communication, conflict management, effective decision making...


And for the teams

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